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How To Plan The Perfect Family Road Trip

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Kids and parents traveling by rental car

When going on a vacation, you cannot know with certainty if there's going to be well-organized public transportation nearby. Travels by a car rental can be especially difficult if you're traveling with your rebellious youngsters. To make your trip easier, you should always consider renting a car in advance. Why in advance? Because when traveling with children, the whole car renting process becomes a whole new type of “logistic operation“. Time torent a car onlineand enjoy the experience! Still, there are some things to consider when renting your next car with kids in the backseat.

Choosing the right rental car for your family

What people don't seem to understand, is that when reserving a rental car, you're not actually booking that particular vehicle but a car of the same category. What's a car category, you ask? Categories define the general size of cars, the number of doors,manual or automatic, and other core features. When deciding on the right size of the rental car, you must consider all the things it must fit. All the people, the luggage, the toys, the car seats, etc.

Should you get an infant seat, a child seat or a booster seat?

Well, that depends. Is your child a toddler who cannot sit on their own in the rental car? Of course, you must be familiar with the fact that it is a traffic offense to have your child seated on your laps while driving for safety reasons. Hertz Macedonia offers all three types of seats for a very symbolic price of 5.00 EUR. Car seats make sure that the child is safely seated during the entire ride allowing you to focus your eyes on the road.

Will you be driving the entire trip?

If not, you need to consider getting an additional driver. It is advisable to trade places with your spouse or your travel companion and rest your eyes for a while, especially if you're having a long trip. Car rental companies can truly exaggerate when it comes to extra driver fees. That's why before deciding on where you will be getting your car hire, you should take a look at what they offer. Hertz Macedonia offers a free second driver. All you need to do is mention his/her name in the rental policy as an additional driver.

Couple traveling by rental car

Does your hotel/accommodation include a free parking space?

Often families with one or more children assume that driving to their destination is the most convenient way to get there and around when already there. However, at times, they do not consider the possible additional (astronomical) fees the hotels may charge for using their parking space. So before you book a rental car online or personally getting an airport car rental, make sure you have your facts clear. Find hotels that offer free parking lots to their guests.

Is the car rental company you have chosen close to the airport?

And even better, do they have an airport office? Choosing a car rental agency that will alleviate even the very beginning of your trip is priceless. Imagine if you'd have to walk around the city with suitcases of five people, looking for your reserved ride. We're already tired just by thinking about this. Our car rental company has offices at Skopje Airport and Ohrid Airport. Avoid having to ride trains or busses before you even get the keys! Rent your car in Macedonia with Hertz and stay worry-free from the beginning to the end of your family trip. And if you decide you’d like to visit our neighbors, every reservation includes a free green card or an International Motor Insurance Card.

Dropping off your rental car

Dropping off your rental car doesn't have to be a stressful experience. We understand you're traveling with infants and that there might be some food leftovers, drink spills, or stains. So the best thing to do is make sure to give the rental vehicle proper cleaning before returning it to your designated location. Don't forget to spare some extra time so you can fill up the tank just before you drop off your rental car.