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Which is Better: Manual or Automatic Rental Car?

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It's a fact that not everyone can handle a manual transmission. This is not because they can't, but because they prefer not having to worry about their car jumping up and down when shifting from one gear to another. As trends grow, so do people's needs for simplicity and functionality. All vehicles in Hertz Мacedonia's fleet are equipped with fully-functional transmissions regardless if those rental vehicles are automatics or run on a manual transmission. When it comes to rental cars, people have a choice of selecting the type of vehicle they like the most at that very moment. Since they are not choosing a vehicle for a lifetime, rather than for a few days, weeks or at best case, months, they have the luxury to fulfill their desires and drive the car they've always wanted, even if it’s only for a while.

What is the actual role of the transmission?

The transmission allows the rental car to change gears, conveying power from the engine to the drive axle in the most optimal way possible. How does it do this? The answer is simple, by varying the gear ratio. This means that in lower gears, it increases power while reducing speed. In higher gears, this means reducing power while increasing speed which allows cars to allocate power and speed in the most efficient way for any given moment. Transmission is vital to the inner functionality of any rental or owned vehicle. However, there is no common attitude about the type of transmission that's better — automatic or manual. Having their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and being perfect in one situation but not so great in another, the transmission type depends on the driver's preferences. In conclusion, before you make any decisions regarding which transmission is better when you’re booking your car hire, take a few breaths to inform yourself about the benefits and advantages linked to the two different kinds of transmission.

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What makes the automatic transmission a great option?

Although tremendously popular, automatic transmissions are not necessarily the better choice for many drivers. But they do offer advantages over manual transmissions in several key areas that might seem pretty attractive.

  • They offer a greatly reduced risk of stalling – How many times have you stalled when the traffic lights changed? Those people driving automatic transmission rental cars are unfamiliar with this issue, where stalling will only occur if there’s a mechanical problem in the vehicle.
  • Great for heavy traffic – These rental vehicles allow the driver to move through heavy traffic without having to do more than push a single pedal.
  • More simple to use – Controlling a manual transmission rental vehicle requires using your limbs independently, which may be an issue for some people. Automatic transmissions, on the other hand, are much less complex and take drivers significantly less time to learn.
  • More wheel control – Most rookie drivers are taught that the safest way to drive is to keep both hands firmly on the wheel. This is possible when driving an automatic transmission vehicle, but is not possible with a manual transmission.
  • Great for steep areas – If you’re a less experienced driver, you may find that navigating steep areas in a manual transmission is difficult, especially if you’re trying to do so from a dead stop. Automatic transmissions get rid of this issue, enabling your vehicle to operate efficiently no matter how steep the area might be.

What makes the manual transmission a great option?

Manual transmissions are old school! You can’t help but love them. They take you back to your teenage years when all you wanted to do was “steal” your parent’s car! Here’s what makes them special:

  • Cheaper to maintain – Manual transmission cars require very little maintenance, and general maintenance and repairs end up being significantly a lot cheaper.
  • Better fuel efficiency – Manual transmission engines are a lot more simple, lighter, and have more gears than automatics. The final result is that you’ll end up driving more kilometers with a full tank than you would with an automatic. Manual transmissions are very efficient and have been known to save drivers between 5% and 15% on their fuel expenses. So, if you’re planning on taking on a larger route with your rental vehicle this may be something to consider.
  • Better gear control – Automatic transmissions are meant to select the best gear for any situation, but they tend to shift to a too high of a gear wasting engine power. They are also designed to react to conditions as they are encountered, which doesn’t allow for drivers to either anticipate an oncoming condition or to select a lower gear for an added boost of power. Manual transmissions give drivers greater control over the vehicle. So if you’re an old school driver, you’ll want to get a manual transmission car hire.

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So, what type of rental car should you choose?

It depends on your driving skills and how comfortable you are with manual transmissions. Automatics are easier to handle and give you a better grasp of the wheel, while manual cars give you better control of the gears. All in all, it’s up to the driver’s taste and preferences. One is for certain. Whichever Hertz Macedonia rental car you decide to choose, you’ll be getting up top quality. Check out our collection and choose your ride. Time to shine on the road!