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Hertz explains: What is an International Motor Insurance Card or "Green Card" in Europe?

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After the busy workdays across the year, we all deserve to take a moment and enjoy a relaxing vacation. Roadtrips are especially fun when it comes to family or friends time. This usually involves going across borders and exploring foreign lands. After all, we are all eager to know what's out there, aren't we?

When it comes to some European countries, there is a special type of insurance document you will need to obtain in order to take your rental vehicle outside Macedonia's borders. You may already know it as a “Green Card“. This is actually an International Motor Insurance Card, an internationally-recognized document that acts as proof of insurance. Outside of the EU, countries that still need a Green Card, even when it comes to rental cars, are: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Morocco, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Is “Green Card” mandatory?

Yes, a Green Card is mandatory if you wish to drive a rental vehicle or a rental car outside the borders of the country on its license plates. Why? It is a question of insurance, as the very name suggests. Countries would like to alleviate themselves from the possible liability of accidents occurring on their territory. That is why this mutually accepted agreement between the two countries is the best way to show appreciation and respect when entering their grounds with your own vehicle or with a car rented from a car hiring agency like Hertz Macedonia.

This document is issued for possible claims that could be caused to third parties by driving the motor vehicles, when traveling abroad, namely in the countries that are members of the Green Card System. We understand the severity of not having this document with you when crossing a border and how annoying it can be to wait in line for it to get issued, which is why we completely take care of this matter for you. Our loyalty lies with you as our trustee and we want nothing less but the best for our clients. Our mission is to give you a worry-free, pleasant but exciting driving experience with no hidden costs.

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Can a "Green Card" not be valid?

Yes, this situation may occur as well. Before departure, always check for the below-mentioned things. Never head out the borders before making sure that all your documents are in order. The Green Card is not valid if:

  • the information it contains is wrong or not the document is not completely filled, such as there is no data on the registration plate of the corresponding vehicle, or it does not correspond to the data mentioned in the traffic license;
  • the validity period is expired;
  • there is no personal information about the insurer;
  • the document has been damaged, torn or its contents cannot be easily determined;
  • it has been drawn on, the letters or the figures have been rewritten, etc.

That is why here at Hertz, we make sure everything goes smoothly with your travel. Rental companies are not just about car hire, they are about loyalty.

Does Hertz Macedonia offer a “Green Card”?

Hertz Macedonia is a global leader in the car rental industry, especially in Macedonia. With our office locations in Skopje, Bitola, and Ohrid, we offer our clients the best possible service and assistance anytime they need a functional, comfortable & fast transportation solution. Our fleet is constantly being upgraded counting more rental vehicles than many other car rental companies in the region.

That being said, we offer a no crossborder fee benefit. What does this mean? This means that the International Motor Insurance Card is included in the price you pay when booking your rental car. A Green Card is a must when traveling across borders in Europe. So put your mind at ease and get ready for an adventure. We will do the thinking, you do the enjoying.