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  • Who can rent a vehicle? What are the requirements in order to rent a car?

    • In order to get a car rental, the driver must possess a driver's license for at least 2 years. The minimum age for renting a car in Macedonia is 21 or 25, according to the class and the type of car the potential customer wants to rent. Another obligatory requirement is owning a credit card.

  • Is the person who rents the car the only person who is allowed to drive the car rental or can anyone other than the renter drive the car?

    • Another person can drive the car if his/her name is mentioned in the rental policy as an additional driver.

  • What happens if you are late or delay in bringing back the car at the designated time and place?

    • If you delay in bringing back the car, you have to contact the location where you initially rented the car or the closest Hertz Macedonia location. We are flexible for short delays and do not charge additional costs. However, for more than 29 minutes of delay, you will have to pay a full day charge.

  • What happens if there is a problem with the car rental?

    • Hertz Macedonia has you covered in case of car problems. We provide our clients with 24-hour road assistance. In case of any problem, call any of the Hertz Macedonia locations and we will give you immediate assistance.

  • What is the rental process policy, "Rent it here - leave it there" or "One way"?

    • If you need a car for a one way destination, the "Rent it here - leave it there" policy is possible between the cities that have existing Hertz locations. For example: Rent it in Skopje, leave it in Ohrid.

  • Is the renter allowed to remove the seats of the car rental?

    • No, seat removal is not allowed. The seats must remain in the car.

  • Is it allowed to drive a 4X4 car on bumpy roads?

    • This is not allowed. All Hertz`s cars, including four-wheel drive cars, must be driven on normal roads only. It is not allowed to drive them on bumpy roads due to risk of damage.