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Why do travelers love renting from Hertz?

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Being the best car rental company in Macedonia and worldwide isn't easy. With great power comes great responsibility! Our job is to give you the ultimate driving experience regardless of your type of visit. If you are renting a car for business needs or hiring a vehicle for personal pleasure, Hertz Macedonia is here to secure your transportation. If you are looking for quality and professionalism, head to one of our Hertz offices. Our impeccable staff will provide you with all the details you need to have a worry-free experience.

What makes us different from the rest of the car rental companies?

  1. Our fierce fleet. We offer different types of vehicles for everyone’s taste and need. When you rent a vehicle from Hertz Macedonia, you two become one. Adventurous, fun and eager to discover, the vehicles themselves lead the way. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
  2. Quality and elegance. It's one thing to get a rental car, it's completely another to get quality. Travelers know that we deliver the best car rental services, the best vehicles, insurance, and additional equipment. No one wants to have to deal with irregularities on the road, do they? Well, we are the total package. In order for travelers to feel like home, we must provide them with a vehicle that screams comfort. And is there a car in our fleet that doesn’t?
  3. Never lost. Our GPS system keeps travelers on the right route. Since they are here to explore Macedonia, rental cars allow them to go off road and find new places. Our system allows them to feel safe and covered always showing them the right path. And what's a trip to Macedonia without diving into its ocean of natural riches?
  4. We’re a well-known brand. People around the world know that Hertz's vehicles are in an impeccable state and fully equipped with the latest technology. Hertz Macedonia is a synonym of loyalty and professionalism. Offering travelers luxury vehicles it gives them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. If you want to get noticed, choose Hertz!
  5. Easy reservation. To make travelers' visit in Macedonia extremely enjoyable, our quick reservation process enables anyone who meets the requirements to be a proud driver of a rental vehicle. Our easily accessible form requires minimal effort and info to deliver travelers their best driving experience.
  6. Friendly staff. When travelers enter the premises of Hertz Macedonia, they are welcomed by our kind employees. They are always ready to give their customers a pleasant car rental experience making the whole process of rental car pick up as simple as possible. It's all about simplicity. Less time with us, more time to explore Macedonia.
  7. Regular customers. Our loyal traveling customers are so impressed with our expertise, they cannot get enough of Hertz. Every time they visit our small, but lavishing country, overflowing with charm and breathtaking sights, the first thing they do is make sure they get their Hertz vehicle to reach the unreachable.
  8. Multi-month renting. When travelers decide to stay in Macedonia for a longer period of time, they need a vehicle that will be their companion for quite a while. This is why we came up with a special offer that meets our loyal customers’ expectations. We offer an irresistible monthly rate.

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Once you go with Hertz Macedonia, you never change partners! Because that is exactly what we are to our customers. A partner ready to take on any adventure. Hertz is where the excitement is, and excitement screams Hertz.