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If you're a nature fan, you will love the Vevcani Village located at the foot of Mountain Jablanica. Easily reached by your mighty Hertz rental car, it is one of the biggest Macedonian tourist attractions being surrounded by greenery and beautiful restaurants. Don't forget to ask for the Vevcani “passport” and buy the Vevcani “currency”. Yes, you read it right. This small “town“ has its own money.

Another thing you must visit are the Vevcani Springs. Beautiful and extraordinary, they amaze the tourists with their powerful splashes. While you're visiting, turn your Herth vehicle toward the Vevchani shrines including the St. Nikola church.

Vevchani must be visited during its Carnival season and also at the time of Lazarica-Gjurgjovden holiday events. Some like this event while some are reluctant since the carnival is a mix of pagan customs translated into modern language. Either way, it is a tradition that has been held for many years and continues to be one of the reasons people come together as one celebrating the arrival of the New Year according to the old calendar.

Hilltop view of the magnificent village Vevcani