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The most illustrative monumental complexes from the ancient period rest upon the grounds of Prilep. If you’re a culture lover, this city holds everything you need to warm up your vintage heart. Buckle up! Let’s head to your Hertz rental car and conquer these charming sites!

The most important complex of cultural and historical monuments is located in the city itself. The complex of monuments of medieval Prilep covers the area of the rocky hill Markovi Kuli and the surrounding areas: Potkuli, Varos and Zagrad. You can find one of the five biggest Balkan forts located right there, on the hill Markovi Kuli. It is consisted of three defensive zones and many towers and gates. Feeling like a conquering the streets of Prilep with your mighty rental car, yet?

Prilep is a famous world centre for production of quality tobacco, of the type "Prilep", which is especially demanded on the World Market. So if you’re a tobacco consumer, get ready for a treat! Oh, and did we mention that Prilep’s mines hold the finest marble in the world?

Markovi Kuli, tourist attraction made of ruins in Prilep A statue of Alexander the Great at the Prilep city center