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Simply put, Krusevo is a living museum. If you are the type of person that loves greenery mixed with historical presence, grab your Hertz rental car steering wheel and hit the gas pedal!

The enormous monument on the hill above Krusevo marks the elusive dream of the Ilinden revolutionaries. Since Krusevo was the hometown of Macedonian most famous pop-singer Tose Proeski, who was a worldwide known humane and compassionate person, a Memory House of his life and career was built near the monument Makedonium. There’s a very pleasant pathway that takes your Hertz voyage right to this area and a wide parking space where you can leave your rental.

Since the streets in this magnificent city are pretty steep and tight, we recommend choosing a more compact Hertz vehicle so you’d be able to fit anywhere you’d like. The street curves only make this city’s character even sharper! So, if you’re ready for a delightful rollercoaster of a town, grab your friends and take on this incredible adventure.

The Ilinden Monument in Krusevo Panoramic view of houses in Krusevo city with snow covered roofs