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Handy Tips From Hertz To Never Losing Your Way In Macedonia

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For many people, traveling to a foreign country is the most exciting experience, but getting lost with your Hertz car rental while exploring a new destination is definitely not part of that excitement. You may think that after reading a lot of guidebooks before you dive into your Hertz-accompanied adventure, you would have a good pretty idea of where you were going and how to get there, but there you are, lost, with no cell phone service and very little knowledge of the Macedonian language. It is only normal to start feeling quite overwhelmed. Getting lost in a foreign country can be genuinely petrifying. If you're even somewhat like us, you'll do just about anything to avoid these worst-case scenarios.

Although full of road signs and traffic control Macedonia is indeed a place where a traveler may get lost on the roads. Especially if you're an adventure seeker who loves exploring new places discovered only by a few. So if you’re thinking about how to avoid getting lost in a foreign country, we have a few ideas we’d like to share and make sure you stay on the right path.

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Here are some of our handy tips for staying on track:

  1. Always Plan Ahead

    No matter how near or far your destination is located, this should be the number one thing on your list when traveling by your Hertz car hire or by any means, really. Planning ahead can save you time and allow you to enjoy the trip. It can also save you from getting lost on the road. You can simply research our city blogs, or find some travel websites or even read books about the place you’re going to visit. It's time to make the most of the internet!

  2. Bring Maps, GPS Devices, Etc.

    Although you can always bring a paper map, it can sometimes be a bit confusing due to the never-ending changes mother Earth is enduring. Roads are constantly being reconstructed and traffic is being redirected, so you may end up driving your rental car in circles. This is why we recommend getting a GPS device to always keep you on the right track. Our multi-month renting offer that allows you to select the right rental car for you at the lowest possible rates. You can always upgrade your trip by adding our NeverLost navigation system helps you calculate the best and the fastest route to your desired destination.

  3. Don't Be Afraid To Ask for Directions

    Asking people for directions is one of the most accurate ways to go. But who should you ask? The best people to ask are the locals, of course, because they should know the place extremely well. They could even share the shortcuts you can take with your rental car or your rental van to get to your destination faster and point you to the best spots in the city! Also, encountering other travelers is kinda inevitable. Use the convenient situation to get directions. You may end up making new friends, as well. Who knows?

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  4. Learn Key Phrases in the Local Language

    Unfortunately, not everyone you encounter will speak English. Here are some key phrases and words we recommend learning before you embark upon your journey in Macedonia: Where is the (hotel, airport, bus stop, train station, main street, etc.); Can you please call me a taxi?; Left, Right; Thank you, etc.

  5. Observe the Surroundings

    Take a good look at your surroundings not only for safety reasons but also for navigation with your Hertz car hire. When we go on a trip to unfamiliar places, we tend to carefully read all the signs along the way. If you’re traveling to a city, we suggest that you gather information about available banks and ATMs nearby — their location is stated on Google maps thus you will know where you are at the moment. When you’re traveling to a province, make sure to check the establishments like grocery stores and tech shops. They provide their address on their shop signs. These are just some witty ways to handle a "lost" situation.

  6. Carry a portable charger

    The #1 tech travel essential! The portable phone charger will help you stay connected in a case of confusion — it will give your phone some “energy” and possibly, access to the internet helping you get back to your accommodation driving down safe routes with your rental vehicle.

  7. Get a local SIM card

    Why? Because the charges are by far cheaper! Also, the connection will be a lot better and you'll be able to use your mobile data included in the package for getting information about your location.

And if you want to avoid getting lost in the first place, we recommend you take some pre-travel actions about it. Write down the name, address and phone number of the place you are staying in. Start your trip off on the right foot – just pick up your Hertz rental vehicle at our office at the Skopje Airport or downtown. We'll have your rental car ready for an adventure! Should we include the Neverlost, as well? We thought so. All aboard!