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Ready for the Macedonian Las Vegas? Hertz Macedonia will help you get there! Gevgelija has one of the best casino entertainment centers in the region.

Located only a few kilometers above the Greek border, Gevgelija offers a lot of outdoor activities, tasty cuisines, cultural events, and unforgettable nightlife. What's the first thing you'd like to do when you arrive with your Hertz vehicle? Perhaps visit the luxurious Negorci spa that offers relaxing treatments to all true spa lovers? Or would you rather visit the resort known as ‘Smrdliva Voda,’ famous for its sulfur baths and water used for their healing powers?

The beautiful mountain Kozuf provides a natural boundary between the Mediterranean climate, marked by arid, rocky hills, and the Continental climate, marked by grassy fields and deciduous and pine forests. So no matter the weather you prefer, Gevgelija can meet your need.

The mountain Kozuf with its rocky hills marked by grassy fields Flamingo Casino near Gevgelija

Photo reference: Macedonia travel guide