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Are you ready for your Hertz vehicle to take you on an unforgettable journey? This time, we're headed to Galicnik. Galicnik is one of the oldest Miljak villages in Macedonia that has a well preserved traditional architecture, including an amphitheater. It is famous for its surrounding countryside that adds to its cultural authenticity. Located on the slopes of the Bistra Mountain, it is 10km away from the Lake Mavrovo. Here you can charge your “batteries” and get ready for your nature adventure!

One of the things this village is famous for is the local yellow cheese (Kashkaval) as well as the local salt brine white cheese “belo sirenje“. So if you're a dairy lover, this is definitely the place for you! We hope you left some free boot space in your Hertz rental car so you can fill it with these tasty treats!

And maybe the most interesting thing about this village, is the Galicnik Wedding, a traditional wedding custom held annually in summer (in July), on the day of the village feast of the Patron Saint – Petrovden (St. Peter's day). If you're feeling festive, be sure to visit this village during this time of the year because locals and tourists are invited to attend the traditional Macedonian wedding celebrations as well. This is one of those things everyone must experience at least once in their lifetime.

Galicnik Village houses surrounded by greenery