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5 Important Things to Consider When Renting a Car in Macedonia

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The old Chinese saying goes ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. If you are eager to discover the wonderful sightseeing that Macedonia offers, the first step is choosing the right rent a car company. Having in mind that choosing the leading brand in rent a car industry is a must, there’s no doubt you should always decide on Hertz Macedonia. What makes us different from the rest is our passion for offering the highest quality car rental services at great prices.

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Things you need to do before renting a car in Macedonia

  1. Get familiar with the general traffic rules and regulations in Macedonia

    Macedonian traffic rules and regulations may vary from other countries. Therefore, before renting a car check the general traffic rules and regulations that apply because you don’t want your holiday to get ruined with unexpected fines.

  2. Check out Hertz Macedonia’s special offers

    Do you need a rental car for a longer period of time? Leave your worries behind and discover our multi-month renting offer that allows you to select the right rental car for you at the lowest possible rates. You can always upgrade your trip by adding our Never Lost navigation system to your reservation. It will make sure that you find the fastest route to your destination and that you have the best possible experience in Macedonia.

  3. Plan your trip in advance

    Learn more about the destination you are visiting. Decide whether you want to use our renting services in Skopje, Bitola or Ohrid. Search for the safest and the closest route. If you choose to visit some of the other Macedonian cities, watch out for any traffic jams. Depending on the city that you are visiting, traffic can get really busy especially during working hours. Keep in mind that Macedonians love to drive their cars to work so you may want to avoid the traffic jam between 7am-9am in the morning. The same goes for hours between 4pm-5pm.

  4. Find the best car model to rent

    Since you have already planned your trip, you can start thinking about the car model that you want to rent. As we mentioned before, Macedonian streets can be very busy so you may want to choose an automatic rental car. If you are travelling with children, then you may want to upgrade your car rental to a station wagon. And if you’re travelling with all your family members, then our car rental fleet offers vehicles with up to 8 passenger seats. Furthermore, if you want to set your spirit free check out our prestige collection and select one of our exclusive models.

  5. Check the weather conditions

    Seasonally, starting in November, Hertz Macedonia offers free winter tyres. Weather conditions can change pretty quickly in Macedonia so safety should always be your first priority. Try driving smoothly and avoiding quick movements of the steering wheel on icy or wet roads because sharp inputs can affect the grip. If you don’t feel safe driving in bad weather conditions that have occurred suddenly while you were driving on the road, find a place to stop and wait for the weather to get better.

Hertz Macedonia wants you to have the time of your life on your journey in Macedonia! And we hope that the information we provided will help you feel more secure and relaxed on your trip.