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For many visitors, Ohrid represents the culmination of the Macedonian experience. What makes Ohrid the perfect destination to take on with your Hertz Macedonia rental car, are the major attractions which are all located within a remarkably walkable area. The beautiful restaurants and cafés are a perfect suit for relaxation in the cool summer evenings.

If you decide to leave your rental car rest for a while, you can always enjoy the full range of water sports, fishing and boating. Ohrid has something for everyone. The fascinating churches alongside Ohrid’s lake shores make regular walks magical. Surrounded by an unspoiled wilderness ideally suitable for nature enthusiasts, Ohrid offers calming spots where you can park your Hertz rental and take a breather to appreciate the view. One of the most magnificent churches in all of Macedonia is St. Jovan Kaneo is a combination of pure thrill (it is located on a cliff) and unquestionable spiritualism.

While driving to the St.Naum Monastery where you can enjoy a whole day of entertainment and fresh air, you must stop your Hertz vehicle to check out the Bay of Bones, a historical landmark and a tourist attraction. In the church of St. Naum, Macedonians believe you can still hear the saint’s heartbeat by pressing an ear to his stone coffin inside the church. Are you brave enough to try? And while you’re feasting your eyes with the beautiful lake view from the Monastery’s yard, you can enjoy the company of the freely roaming peacocks that add to the city’s free spirit.

Church of St. John at Kaneo, Ohrid with a view towards the lake View of lake Ohrid from mountain top