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If you’re a wine lover, you can taste some of the most exquisite wines here, in Kavadarci. Exploring this city with your Hertz vehicle, you will find a green ocean of vineyards covering most of the lands. Most hosts are so welcoming you will find all doors wide open inviting you to take a seat and try their grape-derived treasure.

Driving your Hertz rental car, you will come across some stunningly clear rivers such as Crna Reka, Boshavica, Doshnica… And have you ever seen a large man-made lake? Simply visit The Tikves Lake. Park your car rental on the dam and take a second to admire the view. It’s not only spectacular and thrilling, but peaceful at the same time. And if you’re a fan of fishing, you’re in for a treat. The Lake Tikves has various species of fish and it's famous in sport fishing.

As a flora and fauna enthusiast, you can drive your rental car vehicle toward the mountain area of the city and enjoy the company of some endemic birds. The most attractive of these birds are the large predators which are very rare throughout Europe and the world such as black vulture, royal eagle, Kanja, and many others.

If you’re up for a wonderful panoramic view, don’t forget to visit Mihajlovo. It is a recreational center situated in an impressive forest area promising a tranquil vacation. And if you’re in Kavadarci during the winter, the Ski centar Kozuf awaits for a new determined snow admirer.

The city centre of Kavadarci
Photo reference: Macedonia Timeless