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Hertz 101 Rental Car Vacation Planning Guide

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If you’re planning a vacation, you know it can be stressful. The very thought of forgetting something at home can be irritating. Vacation should be a synonym for relaxation, peace and escape from the everyday buzz and busy surroundings. That’s the reason why Hertz Macedonia’s team has decided to create this ultimate 101 rental car vacation guide that will help you organize and get a head start.

What should your Hertz vacation plan include?

  1. Documentation - Having all the documents you need is crucial for a worry-free experience. First of all, make sure you gather all the papers in one place so you don’t miss anything. Check the validation date of your driver's license, get your cross-border card and your ID. Did we mention that Hertz Macedonia offers a no cross border fee? That’s one of our unique features aimed at alleviating your travel experience. Don't forget about your travel insurance either! Better safe than sorry.
  2. Destination - Do you want to take your hire car and travel to a peaceful lakeside hotel, or do you want to explore the misty mountains of Macedonia Try narrowing down to what type of vacation you need at the moment and find the most appealing location on the map. Hertz is always ready to take you to your next destination.
  3. Accommodation - Now that you’ve decided where you would like to go, it is time to find and book an accommodation that meets your needs. Think about what you are looking for in a place to stay. Do you want it to be spacious or compact? Do you want your accommodation to have a lake view balcony or a yard view is just about enough? Don’t forget to check for a free parking option for you Hertz vehicle to rest on. Find a platform that books accommodations or contact the landlord directly and make your reservation.
  4. Hertz Rental Car - This one is crucial if you want to get to your destination on time, safe and sound. Our friendly team is always ready to assist you if you are having any trouble managing your online reservation. Find the hire car you desire the most and voila! The car is yours for the designated period. All you have to do is pick it up and drive it off into an adventure.
  5. Packing - Pack efficiently. Don't overpack. You probably won’t need half of the things you'll be carrying. But we understand. We always get some stuff just in case, too. To avoid overpacking, try creating a list of all the things you would need while on vacation. Once you pack them just check them off the list. That way you won’t overload your rental car with unnecessary suitcases and you will have more space to relax in.
  6. Luggage space - What kind of rental car did you reserve? Is it a luxury hire car or city vehicle that can fit your whole family? Either way, you'll need space for all your luggage. Those suitcases really take up a lot of space. And we don't want to leave anything behind, do we? Plan your boot accordingly and organize your bags so that they can be spread evenly. Try to use all the volume the boot has to offer because all of our Hertz rental cars are functional, spacious and ready for travel!
  7. Closest Route - Turn on your NeverLost navigation system and find the closest and best route to your destination. Make sure you always have it on so you can't go the wrong way. Hertz Macedonia always has your back.

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If you’ve checked all these above, you’re ready for your time-off. You deserve it. Take your hire car to all of our lake destinations, to all our mountain peaks and to all our green valleys. Have a great holiday and enjoy sightseeing with Hertz Macedonia.