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The Best Way To Explore Pelister National Park Safely

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Pelister National Park

What do true hikers and top car rental companies have in common? They are both ready to give their maximum! In order to have the best car rental experience and the adventure of a lifetime at some of Macedonia’s most challenging mountain peaks, one must first choose the perfect rental car that will attend to their needs and is adequate for such terrains..

Nature lovers never stop seeking undiscovered treasures of the lands. The National Park Pelister, located in Macedonia may not be undiscovered, but there sure are some parts of its magnificent wilderness that have never been touched by a human hand. That’s what makes nature so exciting. It never stays the same, it always changes.

Pelister, or also known as Baba Mountain, can be reached by car since its entrance is further away from the populated areas. Many car rental companies in Macedonia would agree that many of their clients get their car rentals only to come and see this beautiful natural wonder.

What’s the best way to explore Pelister safely?

  1. Leave your rental car at the entrance

    First and foremost, unfortunately, since these trails are mostly made for hikers and special types of vehicles, your rental car cannot come hiking with you. You can of course, take the asphalt road, but where’s the fun in that? Don’t worry, when you’re done exploring, Hertz Macedonia will be right there, patiently waiting to take you to your accommodation.

  2. Don’t forget your hiking backpack

    Always take your backpack with you. Fill it with snacks and sandwiches, and of course water. When going on a hike, what you always want to do is take some hiking essentials to make your hike more enjoyable or just in case you run into trouble. Having things such as a flashlight, navigation tools, first aid, extra clothes, etc., will always come in handy.

  3. Follow the rules and stay on the marked paths

    Once you’ve left your rental car near you, safely in the parking lot, you can move on and start your journey of discovery. But be careful. At the very entrance of the park you will find a board with rules and regulations. No matter how big of an adventure enthusiast you may be, you must limit your movement within the protected areas. Keep your hikes on the marked paths, trails or mountain tracks. This is essential because some of the side trails may be dangerous, and also, you may encounter some wild animals you'd like to keep your distance from.

  4. Use your camera to take great pictures

    Once you’ve started your hike, we guarantee that you’ll be mesmerized by all the riches this park has to offer. This is where you’re supposed to show your photography skills! Take pictures of the breathtaking sights, mountain peaks, wonderful flowers, the Big Lake, the pleasing meadows...

    Big Lake Pelister National Park

  5. Hiking with your dog?

    If you're hiking with a furry friend (cat or dog), make sure you keep them on a short leash. As we mentioned before, there are lots of animals in the wilderness who might get spooked by your companion, or vice versa. Keeping your pet close to you will make them feel less surprised, as well.

  6. Treat the caves with respect

    While exploring the caves try not to harm any of the cave ornaments, rare minerals, or fossils. Their destruction is strictly forbidden. Simply feast your eyes and take in all the beauty. Allow nature to cleanse you from within.

  7. Visit in July or August

    If you've decided to visit the National Park from November to April, have in mind that it will be covered in snow. We recommend you schedule your hike sometime in July or August. This is the time of the year when nature's greenery is more vibrant than ever.

  8. Leave nothing behind

    Don't forget to collect all your litter before you go. Since there's no place for disposal in the forest, the park and the animals will appreciate your sense of concern. It is also forbidden to leave things behind.

  9. Visit the archeology sites

    If you are an archeology lover, take some time to discover some settlements dating from the Iron Age, the medieval period, located right there near the park. You can get to these places with your Hertz Macedonia rental car. Or if you decide to follow the ancient path Via Egnatia which passes through the park, you will have a unique opportunity to walk the same road that the Apostle Paul, the Macedonian Phalanx, the Roman Legions, and the Byzantine Tsars traveled.